Bali Boat Shed needs to be on your next Bali trip to-do list

Travelling and shopping in Bali, especially the busier tourist towns will leave you exhausted. So many shops are selling exactly what the shop next door was selling, novelty joke tourist shops are plentiful and you oftentimes will find yourself overwhelmed. Thankfully, the Bali Boat Shed just round the corner from Mexicola is bucking that trend and gives birth to a strip of shops that will turn your world upside down.

Bali Boat Shed

The visually gorgeous store offers a whole range of clothing and accessories for both men and women from a number of Balinese brands as well as a few internationals. (They stock our brand SLINKII, shameless plug!)

If you are looking for some authentic and cool pieces from Bali and would prefer not to come home with a ‘Bintang Beer’ singlet, this is the shop for you.

Sea Circus

Moving just a few doors down, you’ll stumble across Sea Circus, a fusion restaurant offering incredible quality food and great prices. Not your traditional balinese food, but more ‘beach food’, fish tacos, gourmet burgers as well as protein rich smoothies if maintaining your six pack is essential to your holiday!

Kim Soo

Next door to Sea Circus is Kim Soo. Let me warn you, if you enter this store, you’ll want to make sure you have an empty suitcase back at the hotel, because you’ll want to purchase a lot of homewares from this place. Not only is it super cheap, but it’s ever so on trend, lots of black and white minimal items that will turn your home in to a boho-luxe palace.

Sunset Cocktails at Breeze

After that shopping expedition, you’ll probably want a cocktail, so head over the road and walk through the Samaya hotel to the beach bar called Breeze. Cocktails and a sunset view will end the perfect afternoon in Seminyak.


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