The most luxurious hotel in Bali

There are luxury hotels, and then there are luxury hotels. The Bvlgari Resort in Bali most certainly falls into the latter category, offering the ultimate experience with an unsurpassed level of security (they will shoot a drone out of the sky if it flies within range, thankfully we had permission to film!)

On passing the security barriers, guards and dogs, the first thing you come across is an enormous structure made entirely from wood and stone. I felt like we had entered a stunning ancient temple. Huge ‘egg-like’ sculptures sat aside the vast staircase as we caught our first glimpse of what can only be described as a small private village on the side of a cliff in the most southerly part of Uluwatu, Bali.

The Private Villas

We were dropped to our private villa in a rose gold buggy. As we entered through our traditional Balinese wooden doors we were transported into our very own little tranquil paradise. The villas have an outdoor living area equipped with its very own plunge pool that has direct views of the ocean.

The bedrooms and bathrooms all open up to create an outdoor living space and feature incredible high ceilings. And the bathroom. My goodness the bathroom was unbelievable! Glass walls open out to the surrounding garden and outdoor shower. And the centrepiece was a beautiful spa bath.

The main pool

In the centre of the resort is the famous Bvlgari infinity pool. Positioned right on the edge of a 130m cliff, the view is simply breathtaking. It was as if the pool was part of the horizon which just carried on as far as the eye can see. The contemporary design felt natural and inviting because it was surrounded by lush plant life and untouched stone. My favourite part was the four-poster day beds. Perfectly monochrome, not only did they look incredible, but they were the most comfortable places to relax in the shade.

The private beach & cliffside restaurant

To access the private beach was actually quite the adventure! We got to ride down the side of the cliff in an open-windowed elevator. It was absolutely amazing and the view was indescribable. Once we caught the elevator down the cliff we arrived at a gorgeous tree-house restaurant located literally on the side of the cliff face. We stopped for some lunch and cocktails before walking down even further to hit the beach. Down on the beach we were greeted with cold water and refreshments and spent some time lying under the shade of a beach umbrella. Make sure you watch our vlog to get a better idea of what I’m talking about!

The personal infinity pools

To the right of the main pool we discovered a couple of small plunge pools that also looked directly out over the cliff edge. As I got in I realised they weren’t plunge pools but actually warm spa baths! They were protected by the shade of a tree so made for the perfect place to relax and take in the view.

The sunsets

One thing Kane and I just couldn’t get enough of was watching the sun set at the end of each day. I have never before seen such vibrant colours with a completely unobstructed view. Because the resort is located at the most Southerly part of Bali, there is no land mass anywhere until the Antarctic. Somehow I feel like this made the water incredibly still. There were barely any boats or movements in the water at all so it really was a breathtaking view of the tranquil and peaceful horizon.

The main area

The resort is equipped with a beautiful cocktail bar and breakfast restaurant that are positioned right on the edge of the cliff. At the cocktail bar, we could even recline on lounges whilst we enjoyed the sunset. This was one of our favourite spots to spend the afternoon. Partly because of the view and partly because of the incredible cocktails! The restaurant, Il Ristorante is awarded the ‘Best Hotel Restaurant in the World’. We enjoyed a degustation menu and I’ve got to say, it is probably the most romantic sport we have ever dined at.

In addition to fantastic food, the resort also boasts a chapel for weddings (we saw 2 while we were there!) a fully equipped gym, and a spa. You even have the option of enjoying your spa treatment outside and then relaxing with a herbal tea looking out towards the ocean.

The mansions

Not only does the resort offer the private villas, they also have a number of enormous mansions for large family holidays, weddings or events. The one we explored had 5 bedrooms, two private pools, it’s own spa, gym and even theatre!

Staying at the Bvlgari Resort in Bali was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The staff were incredibly friendly, the food was extraordinary, and the resort was the perfect combination of the beautiful unspoiled nature of the Balinese coastline with sophisticated contemporary design.








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